Price Negotiation



A revolutionary service to negotiate and validate your auto repair bills!

Saving YOU money every time you visit a service facility!



Ever Wonder...

  • If the repair shop is over charging you?

  • If you were charged too much but have no way to verify what you are being charged?

  • If the repair shop is replacing parts that you don't really need?

  • How long a repair should take?

  • How much actual labor will cost you?

  • How much actual parts will cost you?

  • What the repair would cost if you had another opinion?

  • If you are paying too much?


MEMBERSHIP AUTO PROTECTION gives you sound advice and offers you peace of mind when you are faced with a difficult situation. Review our Benefits page. You'll be glad you purchased this membership.
We will be glad to assist you.


Did you know...

  • Warranty administrators routinely get 20% to 50% off of repair costs that consumers pay.

  • MAP significantly reduces the cost of repairs preformed on your vehicle.

  • Part sourcing gives you access to thousands of part suppliers nationwide and Canada to locate any automotive part at the lowest possible price.





This revolutionary service came about as a result of MAP adjusters consistently negotiating lower prices on a daily basis. You can use any repair facility that you choose, Membership Auto Protection adjusters negotiate the price of your repair with the repair facility based on national averages and report to you on what to pay. ALL in addition to our Roadside Assistance Program at no additional charge!


With the high cost of an EXTENDED AUTO WARRANTY and the high cost of AUTO REPAIRS, you can not afford not to buy this membership!!

Membership Auto Protection,
A company formed by industry professionals to assist vehicle owners with Price Negotiation Service and Roadside Assistance. In today's fast paced world and the fast paced technology in vehicles, when a breakdown occurs, we are there to help you get timely service and save money and time on repairs.



   We will work with you to save you 
   hundreds of dollars, of your own money,
   every time you use us.


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